Guide for Indian Students to Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada is a place where anything is possible. More than 500 000 foreign students come to Canada each year to pursue higher education. This influx of students from around the world has many causes. Of the top 500 universities in the world, 21 are located in Canada. It goes without saying that Canadian education is of the highest caliber. International recognition is given to Canadian degrees and credentials. You’ve come to the right place if you intend to pursue your academic goals in Canada. Here in this article, you read about a guide for Indian students to study in Canada.

Why Study in Canada?

Here is a thorough guide for anyone looking to enroll in a Canadian university in 2023.

Understanding the Requirements for Study in Canada

You must be fully aware of the entry requirements before submitting an application to Canadian colleges and universities. Universities and colleges are governed by provincial governments and are bound by their rules and regulations. To learn more about the requirements to study in Canada in 2023, get in touch with the knowledgeable education counselors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants.

Choosing the Right College or University

You might need to find an answer to this more than any other question. Let’s examine the distinction between a college and a university in Canada before getting into the specifics of how to pick the best institution.


The majority of its degree programs are undergraduate and graduate. International students can also enroll in PhD programs at some universities.

Teaches everything about the subject and offers a method based on research.

Higher Tuition Fee

You are eligible to apply for a work permit good for up to three years if you successfully complete a 4-year bachelor’s program or a 2-year master’s program in Canada.


Offers postgraduate diploma, certificate, and degree programs.

Getting students ready for the workforce centered on acquiring a few specific skills.

Comparatively Lower Tuition Fee

Colleges also require the same work permit. You are qualified for a one-year work permit if you successfully complete a one-year course. You can apply for a work permit good for three years if you finish a two or three-year course.

Make sure the college or university you choose has the designation of a Designated Learning Institute and that it offers programs that qualify for a post-graduation work permit before you choose it. The provincial or territorial government has authorized only Designated Learning Institutes to host international students.

Taking the Language Proficiency Test for Study in Canada

To enter Canada, an international student must pass an English language proficiency test. IELTS is the test that is typically recommended for students from abroad. Other tests are also available, but IELTS is currently the most popular and reliable option. Meridian Overseas Education Consultants well know IELTS coaching in Noida has a team of qualified trainers who can assist you in preparing for your IELTS exam and achieving the required score. Meridian Overseas Education Consultants are now available in many more cities in India. Please be aware that only IELTS is accepted for the SDS category (Student Direct Stream). The SDS category requires an overall score of 6.0 with no bands below 6.0 in order to be eligible. Only the Non-SDS category will accept results from any other English language proficiency tests, such as the PTE or TOEFL.

Applying to Universities or Colleges  to Study in Canada

Apply to the colleges and universities on the list of Designated Learning Institutes that you have narrowed down. Make sure to do this carefully and with the appropriate support in writing. Also, you can get assistance from our knowledgeable documentation team with the paperwork and with applying to your desired college or university. Make sure that all of your documents, such as the English language proficiency scorecard, individual mark list, provisional degree certificate, etc., are in order because the majority of colleges do not offer conditional offer letters.

Applying for the Study Permit

After receiving the college or university’s Letter of Acceptance, you must submit an application for a Study Permit with supporting documentation. Due to travel restrictions put in place as a result of the pandemic, there are some additional steps involved. As of December 31, 2023, studies finished outside of Canada will be accepted for the Post Graduate Work Permit, according to the Canadian government. Students can choose to travel to Canada after obtaining the Study Permit, regardless of whether their classes are scheduled to start online. Contact our Study in Canada Consultants for a free counseling session to learn more about the specifics of the application process for the Study Permit under the Student Direct Stream.

Traveling to Canada

A Covid-19 negative certificate must now be obtained by students within 72 hours of the departure date. According to the most recent travel updates put forth by the Canadian government, foreign students visiting Canada will now be required to submit to a Covid-19 molecular test upon arrival at the airport, move into a hotel that has been approved by the government for a three-day quarantine, and then wait for the test results. The student will be responsible for paying the fee, which is anticipated to be up to CAD 2000. By clicking on this link, travelers can make reservations at a hotel that has received government approval.

It should be noted that you must quarantine yourself for an additional 11 days at the location of your choice, even if you receive a negative certificate. Students are urged to contact their respective institutions to request a travel support letter that includes information about where they will stay, how they will be picked up from the airport, and how they will be supported in managing their quarantine period.

Application for Meridean Overseas Education Consultants:

International visitors can now access this official application of the Canadian government. Prior to their departure date, visitors to the nation, including international students, must submit the following information using the Meridian Overseas Education Consultants application:

Your contact information, includes your name, phone number, email address, and birthdate.

Travel information, such as your intended destination, flight number, intended date of arrival, and any symptoms you may be feeling.

You will be asked to declare your plans for your quarantine, including whether you have a place to stay for the next 14 days and its location. It must be known in advance if there are visitors who are more vulnerable to Covid-19, such as those who are older than 65, have underlying medical conditions, or have weakened immune systems.

On the second day of your quarantine after your arrival in Canada, you’ll receive a push notification on the application to confirm your arrival at your place of isolation and to begin your daily reporting.

Finding Jobs in Canada

Numerous part-time positions are available. While you are a student and on breaks, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in a part-time capacity. You can use the links below to aid in your job search in Canada.

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