How to use the fast charger?

With the development and progress of the intelligent era, in order to solve the problem of slow charging speed of smartphones and smart electronic products, there are many fast charging and flash charging chargers on the market. How can we achieve fast charging of electronic products?


  1. In order to ensure that electronic products can achieve the effect of fast charging, it is necessary to confirm whether the charger, charging cable and electronic products that need to be charged all support the function of fast charging.
  2. Make sure that all three have the function of fast charging. Connect the electronic device to be charged with the fast charging cable, the fast charging cable is connected to the fast charging charger, and the fast charging charger is inserted into the socket, and the fast charging function of electronic products can be realized. You can also view it at amazon discount code NHS
  3. If any one of the chargers, the charging cable or the electronic product to be charged does not support the fast charging function, then the fast charging function will not be achieved.


  • Confirm that the charger, charging cable, and charging electronics are capable of fast charging
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How to choose a mobile phone fast charger

Nowadays, there are many fast-charging devices for smartphones on the market. Many netizens are very conflicted about the fast charging of mobile phones. They want to fully charge the mobile phone quickly, but they are worried that the fast charger will damage the mobile phone. So what is the truth? The following is an explanation of whether the fast charging of mobile phones is reliable. check out the 144hz Laptop


  • Find out how fast charging works:
    The charging voltage of the charger is a stable voltage of about 5V. Generally, it is absolutely impossible to charge a mobile phone. This is because the mobile phone battery recognizes the voltage and is not too picky about the current.
    In the same 5v case, the higher the current, the faster the charging speed, which is why some chargers charge significantly faster than the original charger.
  • How to charge so as not to damage the mobile phone battery?—Choose the right charger according to your battery type
    Usually, there are two main types of smartphone batteries today, one is lithium-ion batteries and the other is lithium polymer batteries.
  •  Category 1: Lithium battery
    For low-end mobile phones, this battery uses liquid lithium electrolyte, its charging voltage is 4.2-5v, and the charging current is up to 2.2A. When the current is higher than 2.2A, the battery will be slightly unstable, and if the charging current is lower than 2.2A, it has no effect. It is not picky about the brand of the charger, and it can meet the requirements. Middle and low-end Android phones generally use such batteries.
  • Category 2: Lithium polymer battery
    The performance of this battery is stronger than that of the above battery. It uses a gel polymer solid electrolyte with a plasticized superconductor added. Its charging voltage is 4.2-5v, and the charging current is up to 2.5A.

Fast Charger Solution Development

As an energy supply device for electric vehicles, the charging performance of the charger is related to the service life and charging time of the battery pack. Achieving fast, efficient, and reasonable power supply to the power battery is the basic principle of electric vehicle charger design. In addition, the applicability of the charger to various power batteries must be considered. You can also visit eBay with discount code NHS


    1. Quick Charger Solution Brief
      Figure 1 shows the composition of the control system of the fast charger. This system is different from the continuous current charging and pulse current charging methods used by traditional chargers, and adopts an intelligent variable pulse charging method, that is, as shown in Figure 2. The charging current pulse includes charging pulse T1, intermittent pulse T2, and discharging pulse T3.
  • How fast chargers work

According to the real-time detection of the terminal voltage, charging current, temperature, dynamic internal resistance, and other information of the battery pack, the fast charger given in this scheme, in accordance with Maas’s law of charging, adopts an intelligent control algorithm to implement the charging current pulse width T1, The interval time T2 and the subsection adjustment of the discharge current pulse T3 are used to eliminate the polarization phenomenon of the charged battery pack so that the battery pack is always in a better current receiving state, and the charging speed and charging efficiency are improved. Buyers also check at a discount code NHS.

The fast charger realizes intelligent real-time adjustment of the charging pulse of the pulse charger according to the actual charging state (current, voltage, temperature, dynamic internal resistance, etc.) of the charged battery, and raises the charger and the charged battery into a system Considering the problem comprehensively, by introducing an intelligent adjustment algorithm, the charger has wider applicability.

Application Cases for Fast Chargers

Figure 3 shows the scheme of the charger in a typical ground charging station. The charger consists of a rectifier that can convert the input AC power into DC power and a power converter that can adjust the DC power. In the socket of the electric vehicle, the DC power is input into the battery to charge it. The charger is equipped with a locking lever to facilitate the insertion and removal of the plug, and the lever can also provide a signal that it has been locked to ensure safety.

According to the communication between the charger and the onboard battery management system, the power converter can adjust the DC charging power online, and the charger can display the charging voltage, charging current, charging capacity, and charging cost.


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