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The length of a rectangle is two - fifths of the radius of a circle. The radius of the circle is equal to the side of the square, whose area is 1225 sq.units. What is the area (in sq.units) of the rectangle if the rectangle if the breadth is 10 units?

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Find the area of a rhombus whose side is 25 cm and one of the diagonals is 30 cm?

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The circumferences of two circles are 264 meters and 352 meters. Find the difference between the areas of the larger and the smaller circles.

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The ratio of the volumes of two cubes is 729 : 1331. What is the ratio of their total surface areas?

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The volumes of two cones are in the ratio 1 : 10 and the radii of the cones are in the ratio of 1 : 2. What is the length of the wire?

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There are two circles of different radii. The are of a square is 784 sq cm and its side is twice the radius of the larger circle. The radius of the larger circle is seven - third that of the smaller circle. Find the circumference of the smaller circle.

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A wire in the form of a circle of radius 3.5 m is bent in the form of a rectangule, whose length and breadth are in the ratio of 6 : 5. What is the area of the rectangle?

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The ratio of the length and the breadth of a rectangle is 4 : 3 and the area of the rectangle is 6912 sq cm. Find the ratio of the breadth and the area of the rectangle?

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A 25 cm wide path is to be made around a circular garden having a diameter of 4 meters. Approximate area of the path is square meters is

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The parameter of a square is double the perimeter of a rectangle. The area of the rectangle is 480 sq cm. Find the area of the square.

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The perimeter of a triangle is 28 cm and the inradius of the triangle is 2.5 cm. What is the area of the triangle?

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What will be the cost of building a fence around a square plot with area equal to 289 sq ft, if the price per foot of building the fence is Rs. 58?

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The dimensions of a room are 25 feet * 15 feet * 12 feet. What is the cost of white washing the four walls of the room at Rs. 5 per square feet if there is one door of dimensions 6 feet * 3 feet and three windows of dimensions 4 feet * 3 feet each?

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If the sides of a triangle are 26 cm, 24 cm and 10 cm, what is its area

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The length of a rectangular floor is more than its breadth by 200%. If Rs. 324 is required to paint the floor at the rate of Rs. 3 per sq m, then what would be the length of the floor?

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The area of the square formed on the diagonal of a rectangle as its side is 108 1/3 % more than the area of the rectangle. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 28 units, find the difference between the sides of the rectangle?

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What is the are of an equilateral triangle of side 16 cm?

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The length of a rectangular plot is thrice its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 867 sq m, then what is the breadth of the rectangular plot?

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Find the area of trapezium whose parallel sides are 20 cm and 18 cm long, and the distance between them is 15 cm.

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The area of a square is equal to five times the area of a rectangle of dimensions 125 cm * 64 cm. What is the perimeter of the square?

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Mensuration Formulas:

1. Rectangle
Area = lb
Perimeter = 2(l+b)

2. Square
Area = a2
Perimeter = 4a

3. Parallelogram
Area = bh
Perimeter = 2(a+b)

4. Triangle
Area =bh/2

5. Right angle Triangle
Area =1/2(bh)
Perimeter = b+h+d

6. Isosceles Right Angle Triangle
Area = 1/2. a2
Perimeter = 2a+d

7. Trapezium
Area = 1/2h(a+b)
Perimeter = Sum of all sides

8. Rhombus
Area = d1d2/2
Perimeter = 4l

9. Quadrilateral
Area =1/2 Diagonal (Sum of offsets)

10. Kite
Area = d1d2/2
Perimeter = 2 Sum on non-adjacent sides

Mensuration Formula

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