What is the full form of ATM in English & Hindi

What is ATM? full form ATM is something else, so let's know about ATM.

Hello friends how are you all hope you all are good then friends today’s topic is what is full form of ATM you came to this article.

Usually, whenever we hear the name of ATM, it comes to our mind, any time money, but friends, this full form is not a full form, the full form ATM is something else, so let’s know about atm. what is the full form.

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What is ATM?

First of all, when the ATM was invented, by swiping the first card inside it.

Yes, remove cache by giving manual thumbprint.

After that, as technology progressed, self deposit machines kept coming.

For example, if we want to deposit some cash in our account, then we can deposit it through the machine, as the technology progressed, by combining these two things i.e. the cash withdrawing machine and the cash depositing machine, both were made into one machine. gone then this is called ATM.

But in the technology that is going on right now, you can withdraw cash and also deposit cash.

ATM full form in English

ATM = Automated Teller Machine

ATM full form in Hindi

Atm/एटीएम = स्वचालित मुद्रा वितरण यंत्र


We have tried to tell you everything in detail and we have also told you the full form of ATM.

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