20 Ka Pahada | Multiplication Table Of Twenty

Table of 20 | Multiplication Table of: In this post we will learn tips & tricks to remember and write 20's table. 20X1=20, 20X2=40, 20X3=60.

Multiplication Table Of Twenty

Hello parents, teachers, and children, today we will talk or teach 20 ka pahara in this post. Apart from this, we will learn 2 tricks and tips through which we can easily remember the tables. Most of the children have trouble remembering tables, or most teachers and parents do not teach their children how to read 20 tables remember that the YouTube video will also be embedded and linked here, see which you will teach your children can teach. The rest can quickly learn the 20s by looking at this.

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Table Of 20


20 Ka Table Ki Image

Multiplication Table Of Twenty

Table of Twenty in English

Twenty times one is equal to twenty
Twenty times two is equal to forty
Twenty times three is equal to sixty
Twenty times four is equal to eighty
Twenty times five is equal to a hundred
Twenty times six is equal to one hundred and twenty
Twenty times sevens is equal to one hundred and forty
Twenty times eight is equal to one hundred and sixty
Twenty times nine is equal to one hundred and eighty
Twenty times ten is equal to two hundred.

Table of 20 In Hindi | 20 का पहाड़ा

 बीसछक्केएक सौ बीस
 बीससत्तेएक सौ चालीस
 बीसअट्ठेएक सौ साठ
 बीसनौवेएक सौ अस्सी
 बीसधायदौ सो

Table Of 20 From 11 to 20 | 20 की तालिका 11 से 20 तक


How To Teach 20’s Tables to Kids: Tips and Tricks

If children are unable to remember the 20 table, then there are some tricks which can help them a lot. Let us know, what are those tips and tricks:

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  1. The first way is to add zero to the right side and keep adding even numbers 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 to the left side.
How to Teach 20’s Tables to Kids

2. Those children who know the table of 2 should write the table of 2 but put 0 on its right side.

How to Teach 20’s Tables to Kids: Tips and Tricks

These are the two methods, with the help of which you can easily learn 20 tables and can also teach them to students and children.


Second, you can learn and learn the 20 tables easily. For this, it is necessary that whenever you read, you should read with pronunciation. This will make it so that whatever you say will sit easily in your mind. If you like this post or have given suggestions to us, then do share it through the medium of comments.

Thank you!

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