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2 का पहाड़ा | Multiplication Tables Of Two

Multiplication tables of math are learned starting with the table of 2. Multiplying any number by 1 produces the same number that is to be multiplied by 1 so there is little emphasis on learning the table of one. Mathematical calculation begins with a table of two. Here is the table of 2 in today’s post.

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Multiplication Table of 2

It is essential that every student learns this table. Knowing the table of 2 will make it easier for you to memorize many other tables later on. Now let’s look at the table of two. If you can’t remember it, don’t worry, we’ll tell you how to remember it at the end of this post.


Read 2 Ka Pahada

Many people remember the tables in Hindi as well since not everyone knows English. If you wish, you can also remember the 2ka table in Hindi. Here is a Hindi translation of the table below for your convenience.

दो – एकम – दो

दो – दूनी – चार

दो – तिया – छह

दो – चौके – आठ

दो – पंचे – दस

दो – छक – बारह

दो – सते – चौदह

दो – अठे – सोलह

दो – नवाँ/नमा – अठारह

दो – दहाई/दाहम् – बीस

2 ka Table in Words

Since it is easy to speak, students always remember the table in word format in school. Here is a word version of the table of two. Before looking at the table, it is important to keep in mind that many people read it as 2 One Za two, 2 Two Za four, 2 Three Za six… when in fact this interpretation is incorrect. The word Za actually does not exist, but Are is called za in haste. Now that we know this, let’s read the table correctly.

  • Two – One’s are – Two
  • Two – Two’s are – Four
  • Two – Three’s are – Six
  • Two – Fours are – Eight
  • Two – Fives are – Ten
  • Two – Six are – Twelve
  • Two – Seven’s are – Fourteen
  • Two – Eight’s are – Sixteen
  • Two – Nine’s are – Eighteen
  • Two – Ten’s are – Twenty


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