Table Of 3 – Learn 3 Ka Pahada

3 Ka Table:- From childhood itself we are taught to read and write, in which numbers and tables are important in Hindi and English and are an integral part of our education, but tables are difficult as compared to numbers.

That’s why even today most of the people either do not know whole tables from 2 to 20 or else they get bogged down and only a few know it further because only tables from 2 to 20 are taught in schools.

But tables are very important in our life and with time the importance of tables increases in maths without which calculation cannot be done so today we are going to learn 3 Ka Table i.e. 3 tables.

We are telling you in both Hindi and English languages, according to the medium you are in, you can see the 3 Ka Table i.e. 3 Ka Pahara.

Along with this, we are telling you to write and remember 3 Ka Table in four-five different ways so that it is easy for you to remember it, so let’s learn.


Table of Contents

Read 3 Ka Pahada

Many people remember the tables in Hindi as well since not everyone knows English. If you wish, you can also remember the 3 ka table in Hindi. Here is a Hindi translation of the table below for your convenience

तीन – एकम – तीन

तीन – दूनी – छ

तीन – तिया – नौ

तीन – चौके – बारह

तीन – पंचे – पंद्रह

तीन – छक – अठरह

तीन – सते – इकीस

तीन – अठे – चोबीस

तीन – नवाँ/नमा – सताइस

तीन – दहाई/दाहम् – तीस

3 ka Table in Words

  • Three– One’s are – Three
  • Three– Two’s are – Six
  • Three– Three’s are –Nine
  • Three– Fours are – Twelve
  • Three– Fives are – Fifteen
  • Three– Six are – Eighteen
  • Three– Seven’s are – Twenty One
  • Three– Eight’s are – Twenty Four
  • Three– Nine’s are – Twenty Seven
  • Three– Ten’s are – Thirty

3 Ka Table – Learn 3’s Table

3 Ka Table i.e. tables are very important in the subject of maths and tables help in other parts of maths like algebra, geometry, trigonometry etc. Also it is easy to remember any table from 1 to 10 but remember it for further We have to resort to multiplication.

So friends, we hope that our article 3 Ka Table must have been helpful for you, by reading which you must have got to learn something and all your questions will be answered.

Still, if you have any question that you want to know or any table that we have not provided, you can give us information through the comment box, we will try to answer your questions.


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