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Hello students, today we have brought the Indian History MCQ Mock Test. In this post, we will discuss Indian History. Friends, History is a very vast topic, which is very difficult to cover completely, but we will cover Indian History MCQs for each exam one by one. And for this, we are bringing a series of mock tests. You can check your Indian History status or your ability by playing these online mock tests.

Indian History Free MCQ Online Test – General Knowledge Question & Answer

Let us tell you that in this post we will discuss the topics of ancient Indian history: like (Age, Indus Valley, Vedic Age, Buddhism, Jainism, Maurya Empire after Maurya Gupta and Architecture Literature, Kings, Princely States, etc.) and Includes Medieval History and Modern History.

History GK Free Practice MCQ Test

In this section, we have come up with multiple sets for History MCQs Quizzes. In each set, we will cover 20 questions, or say you will have 20 questions in each set. For students who are preparing for any competition or exams and willing to practice regularly to score good marks these mock tests will be very helpful.

Indian History Mock Test 1

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Indian History Mock Test 2

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Example: Indian History MCQ Free Test Questions

Q. 1 Sarnath is associated with which aspect of Buddha’s life?

[A] Birth
[B] Residence
[C] First sermon
[D] Death

Ans: C > First sermon is the right answer.

Buddha gave his first sermon at the Sarnath which is known as “Dhammachakra Parivartan”.

Q. 2 Who is the author of Devichandraguptam?
[A] Vishakhadatta
[B] Dandin
[C] Bharavi
[D] Kalidas

Ans: A [Vishakhadatta] is the right answer.

Devi-Chandraguptam is a Sanskrit play by Visakhadev (Vishakhadatta). It is the story of the Gupta king Ramagupta who decides to surrender his queen Dhruvadevi to the Saka invader but his younger brother Chandragupta enters the enemy camp disguised as the queen and kills the enemy. In the climax of the play, Chandragupta dethrones Ramagupta and marries Dhruvadevi. Please note that the 11th-century Persian text Mazmal-ut-Tawarikh includes parts of the plot of this play.

Q. 3 Which of the following Vedanga is related to metrics?
[A] Kalpa
[B] Nirkuta
[C] Chhanda
[D] Shiksha

Ans: C [ Chhanda ] is right answer.

There are six Vedangas (limbs of Vedas) that evolved for the proper understanding of the Vedas. These are Siksha (phonetics), Kalpa (rituals), Vyakarna (grammar), Nirukta (etymology), Chhanda (metrics), and Jyotisha (astronomy).

Q.4 What was the other name of Bimbisara?
[A] Shrenika
[B] Ekarat
[C] Sarvakshatrantaka
[D] Shalimal

Ans: A [ Shrenika ]

As per the Jain literature, Bimbisara (who was the real founder of the Haryanka dynasty) was also known as Shrenika.

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