Find vehicle owner online with the help of license plate

If you want to buy any second-hand vehicle, or if there is an accident of any vehicle, then first of all it is important to know about its owner, in today’s post we tell you that you can know about the owner of any vehicle. address, registration date, and many more can be found online. they can do

A few years ago when technology was not so advanced then we had to go to the RTO office to know more about the owner or owner of any vehicle, this was the only way to know the details of any vehicle and for this, we had to pay a lot Had to do I had to roll.

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But today it is not like that at all, today we can know the owner’s name and registration date of any vehicle online sitting at home in 2 minutes and many more.

So let’s know about it-

India’s current numbering system, which is followed in all states today, was introduced in 1990 and divides any vehicle number into four parts, such as vehicle number: CH 71 AB 0123

This CH indicates the state where the vehicle is registered, in this CH stands for Chandigarh.

And it represents as many sectors or district offices where the vehicle is registered.

AB indicates the name of the registry in which this number is registered.

And 0123 indicates that this number is entered as 0123 in the register named AB.

How to find the vehicle owner from the license plate?

Whether you know this thing or not, let me tell you today that the registration of any vehicle is done at the national and state level and RTOs still exchange their data between the two.

On the basis of VIN i.e. Vehicle Identification Number, the numbers of all private and commercial vehicles in India are divided in such a way that the owner of the vehicle can also be traced from his number.

If you also remember the starting number of the registration number, then in case of any problem, you can easily find the address of the owner of that vehicle, such as if the vehicle has been stolen or has met with an accident.

The Government of India has launched a website called on behalf of the Ministry of Road and Transport, through which you can easily get information about any vehicle.

For this, open this website and enter the registration number of the vehicle you want to find here and all the details will be in front of you as soon as you submit it.

If you want to know any vehicle data through this website, your mobile number must be registered with the RTO office or while purchasing your vehicle, as the Ministry of Transport sends an OTP to your registered mobile. number, so you can go to the website, but you have to intervene.

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