How to Add Custom Domain Name in Blogger?

Blogspot is a product of Google itself, in this, you can create a free blog but a free blog always comes with a SubDomain that looks less good so add Custom Domain to your blog.

We have told you the first article that how to create a free blog/website, if you have come to this blog for the first time, then you must read this post, how to create a free blog or website?

Blogspot is a product of Google itself, in this, you can create a free blog but a free blog always comes with a SubDomain that looks less good so add Custom Domain to your blog.

Benefits of using Custom Domain Name in Blogger 

In making a blog on blogger, we get a subdomain that looks less good if we use Custom Domain on our blog, then it has many advantages, so let’s know about them.

Professional Look

First of all, by using Custom Domain, your Blog Professional starts appearing, due to being a Sub Domain, the address of the Blog becomes very large, so that people have difficulty remembering, if you use Custom Domain, this name remains small and People can remember it easily, due to which they come back to your blog again.

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Alexa Rank

Being a subdomain, your blog address is, if we open it in India, then it will open, if it is opened in America, then .in will come in place of .us and if it is opened in India If it goes, .pk will come in its place, similarly, in every country, its different extensions will keep coming, so that you will not be able to increase Alexa Rank of your blog.

Search Rankings

If you use your blog with SubDomain, then when someone searches on the search engine, seeing the extension of in your blog, he does not visit the blog, due to which the rank of your post will gradually decrease and your Blog will not be able to become popular.

Adsense Approval

By the way, there is no problem in using SubDomain in Blog or Approving Adsense on Custom Domain because Blogger is Google’s product, so both Adsense Account gets approved equally, but if you have Custom Domain then Chances go after getting approved Of.

How to add a custom domain name in blogger?

It is very easy to add Custom Domain in Blogger, if you have a blog and you want to add Custom Domain to it, then follow the steps given below –

For this you must have a domain, if you have not bought the domain yet, then read this post How to buy a domain?


1 – First of all, go to on your computer or mobile and log in with your Gmail Id.

2 – Now go to Settings>> Basics of that blog on which you want to add Custom Domain

3 – Now below your Blog Address, set up a Third Party URL For Your Blog will be written, click here.

4 – Now you have to enter the domain name which you have bought. And then click on Save.

5 – Now you will see an Error Message We Have Not to Verify Your Authority To This Domain. Error 12

This means that you have not yet added the DNS (Domain Name Server). Here you will get 2 CName Records, you have to add them to your Domain Registrar.


Now your Blogger work is over, for now, now you have to add a CNAME record by going to Godaddy.

1 – Now log in to

2 – After login, click on your profile and then click on ‘Manage My Domains’.

3 – Now you have to click on Manage next to Domain.

4 – Here the name of your domain will appear, select it.

5 – Now click on Manage DNS and then by clicking on Record you have to Add New Records.

You will find these records in your blogger, you can see them in the image. Copy them and add them here.

6 – First of all click on Add on Record and then put www in Host and copy and paste the first code on Blogger in Point To which will be And then save it.

7 – Then you click on add and then in Blogger you have to copy the code below www and put it in Host and put the next code in Point To. And then save it.

Now you click on Save size on your Blogger, and your domain will be added in a while.

If you are facing any problem with this then you can ask by commenting.

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