Why Google Adsense is blocked, how to save it, complete guide

Adsense is a product of Google, through which Google publishes advertizer's ad on Google and partner website ie Blogger's blog. Google Adsense is the best medium to earn maximum.

Hello friends, today we will talk about the dream of all bloggers that is to earn money. Adsense is a product of Google, through which Google publishes advertizer’s ad on Google and partner website ie Blogger’s blog. Google Adsense is the best medium to earn maximum. It is related to the best company like Google which is the highest paying advertiser in this world. Company sometimes block ad-sense due to route revenue and invalid activity also block ad-sense

Top 4 Reason Why Adsense Block Your Account:

  1. Click Auto Ad Karna

In order to earn more than Adsense, some bloggers or WordPress users click their own ads, you make profit, but your mobile IP address comes to Adsense, who comes to know about us, so then your account will be blocked. you don’t click on your own, you keep said content for the sake of more traffic than root.

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  1. Use of auditory copyright

Google Ad Sense blocks your account by using copyright post for traffic after Adsense approval, for this you need to write a post of your own, you should not protect the copyright of any site, copyright can be very bad for you if the site if you have copied the post please take action or complain to google then if your site is blogger it will be shut down. If you are a WordPress user your site is also searchable

  1. Web crosses advertising

Friends, Adsence doesn’t allow you to advertise on other sites more and more, you should use ads on maximum 3 or 4 sites only, don’t place ads on multiple websites, you should create a single website that is better than all websites and earn well be for the sake of

  1. Earn more with less traffic

Friends, you must have heard that some job is to earn money from traffic, so the reason for this is that by getting clicks on your friends relationship ad, then I find out that Adsense account is blocked or someone is earning more in less time you should avoid

How to avoid getting blocked by Adsense

For this, you should not click on Adsense in any way from friends, acquaintances, no one should keep monitoring your invalid activity, never use wrong methods to earn money.

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