Google AdSense? What It Is and How to Make Money

Google Adsence: Earn money online, how can we make our blog and vlog. And how will he get ranked in Google and search engines.

Hello friends, welcome to another new blog post, today we will talk in this blog and learn about Google AdSense. How can we earn money online, how can we make our blog and vlog. And how will we get ranked in Google or Search Engines.

Do you know What Is Google AdSense, if not then read carefully today’s topic is this –

You must have heard this name from many people, when we do blogging or any other online work, then our only purpose is to earn money from it and it is not a big deal, everyone can earn money from internet, but for that You have to do some hard work and have some patience.

When we create a website or blog on the internet, then only our income does not start, we have to work hard and you must know that without hard work, no one has got anything and probably will not get it, so always do your work. It is necessary to be a little serious about it.

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Money does not start coming from there only after we have created our blog, we have to prepare our blog for that, we have to advertise in our blog.

Whose ads we do in our blog or website, he gives us money for that and Google Adsense is an advertising company through which we can earn good money.

So let’s know about Google Adsense in detail –

What is Google Adsense?

This is a product of Google itself which shows ads of Text, Image or Video on our website or blog and then gives us its money, almost 90% bloggers depend on this.

If your Adsense account is also approved, then you can also earn income by placing ads on your blog.

And it generates income in two ways –

Impressions –

It pays money according to the number of times your ads have been viewed daily and you understand that it does it at $1 on 1000 views.


It depends on how many times your ads got clicked and it pays accordingly.

Once your Adsense account is approved, you can give it your favorite look on your blog or website, and you can also decide where it will appear.

And when Visitor visits your blog or website and sees and clicks on Ads, then your Earning increases.

And if it is a hundred dollars or more, you can take your payment by transferring it to a Checked Direct Bank.

It is not only on Blog or Website but it also works on YouTube, mostly people like to watch good video than read something, and that is why YouTube is probably the third most popular website in the world.

You must have seen that when we watch videos on YouTube, on some videos we get to see ads of 5 to 15 seconds, whereas all these are not visible in the video, they are nothing but Google Adsense ads.

If more visitors are not coming to our blog, then do not think at all that there will be no benefit by putting one Adsense and never think that Google Adsense account is not approved on a blog with less visitors, it is a very good advertise network. .

In which we can get our account approved even on very few Visitor, just for this we have to fulfill some conditions.

And maybe that’s why it’s so popular.

What is CPC [ Cost Per Click ]

CPC (Cost Per Click) is the most important metric for making money with Google AdSense. If you are a blogger and earn money by monetizing your blog or website with Google AdSense then you must know what is CPC.

If not, then today you have come to the right place, today we will tell you what is CPC and how you can increase your Google AdSense CPC.

CPC means the value of your content, your audience and the ads appearing on your blog means how much you will be able to earn from the content of your blog website.

It all depends on the CPC, now many types of questions will be coming in your mind like:

The first question is what is CPC?
Do all bloggers have different CPC?
How to Calculate Google AdSense CPC
What is the minimum and maximum CPC a blogger gets?
How to increase CPC in Google AdSense
What should be done to get High CPC?
Can you take high cpc in hindi blog?
Some bloggers are earning thousands of rupees from their blogs, while other bloggers are nothing special, it all depends on the CPC of the ads that appear on their website.

What is CPC [ Cost per Thousand ]

CPM is a basic Adsense tool. The full form of CPM is COST PER HOUSEAND. Here the “M” in CPM stands for the Roman numeral for 1,000. We can also call CPM as cost per thousand impressions. Because you are paid per 1000 impressions shown on your website. It is certain.

In simple words, that is how much the advertiser who is commissioned at 1000 will have to pay. It is calculated from CPM.

How to calculate CPM?

Friends, to extract CPM, first of all, advertisers need such keywords on which Ad Display is going to happen. They extract the cost by bidding on them. After that, the total number of impressions your ad received is divided by 1,000 and the CPM is removed. Likes: If your ad gets 20,000 impressions, you need to divide this by 1,000. So 20,000/1,000 is 20.

In the next step, advertisers figure out the cost when bidding. Divide the above answer by (20) Example: If the total advertising cost is $500, dividing $500 by 20 will give you the CPM which is $25.

How does Google Adsense work?

In its language, the people who put ads on our website, then it calls us Publisher and whose ads we put on our blog is Advertiser.

For example, as we are putting Jio Money ads on our blog, it means that we cannot talk directly to the company whose ad we want to show on our blog, because which companies we want to talk to. It will ask if you want to promote your product in the world.

So keeping all this in mind, Google launched a product called Google Adwords, in which all the big companies register and promote their product.

And whatever company has to be promoted, they get it registered here and we get the same ads through Google Adsense.

And it shows us our Interest Based Ads.

Like we searched on Google that what is the price of Redmi Y1 on Amazon, then we searched this data, then this data keeps getting saved in our browser and when we visit any next web page which has Adsense Ads, then it Only ads related to Amazon and Redmi Y1 will be shown to us.

This was the biography or brief description of Google Adsense.

If you have any confusion anywhere, then you can ask by commenting.

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