Names of 10 Animals That Give Milk | 10 ऐसे जानवरो के नाम जो दूध देते है

List of 10 Animals Names That Give Milk | 10 दूध देने वाले जानवर

Hello children, how are you all, I hope everything will be fine, you will know about the names and characteristics of 10 milk animals in Hindi and English. Let us know which are the animals that give milk.

There are different types of animals living around us, whose characteristics differ from each other. If you live in the village then you would know which domesticated animals give you milk.

Dairy animals include many domestic animals and many wild animals. Out of these, you would already know the names of many animals and plants in Hindi and English.

We all know that sometimes in schools, students are given the task of writing the names of milk-giving animals in English and Hindi.

Many children know only a few names of animals in Hindi and English, so they find it difficult to write them easily.

That is why here we have prepared a list of names of animals. Let us now learn the names of all milk animals or domesticated animals and wild milk animals in Hindi and English.

List of 10 Animals Names That Give Milk | 10 दूध देने वाले जानवर 

Cow (गाय)
Goat (बकरी)
Sheep (भेड़)
Buffalo (भैंस)
Camel (उंट)
Reindeer (रेनडीर)
Yak (याक)
Donkey (गधी)
Horse (घोड़ा)
Zebra (ज़ेबरा)

Name in English

Name in Hindi


Cow गाय Cow
Goat बकरी Goat
Sheep भेड़ भेड़
Buffalo भैंस भैंस
Camel उंट उंट
Reindeer रेनडीर Reindeer
Yak याक याक
Ass गधी गधी
Dam Mare घोड़ी घोड़ी
Mare मादा जेबरा मादा जेबरा

1. Cow (गाय)

The cow is a large hoofed animal that is commonly raised for its meat, milk, and other products. In Hindi, the cow is known as “gaay” (गाय). Cows are members of the bovine family, which also includes goats, sheep, and other animals. They are typically docile and gentle animals and are known for their grazing habits. Cows have been domesticated for thousands of years, and are an important source of food and other resources for people around the world.

2. Goat (बकरी)

Goat’s milk accounts for two percent of the world’s milk production. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the maximum production of goat milk is in ‘Africa’.

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In regions of India, Pakistan, and many other countries, people drink goat’s milk. Goat’s milk is full of nutritional properties, so people drink it in many areas of the world.

Goat milk production has increased by 60 percent in the last two decades. Also, seeing its properties, people are consuming it in many parts of the world.

3. Sheep (भेड़)

Sheep’s milk is considered better than other animals in many ways. Amazingly, it also contains all ten amino acids.

Sheep represent one percent of world milk production. It occurs near the sea and in dry areas.

Sheep milk is produced in many countries around the world, most of which are in countries like Spain, Syria, Greece, etc. Apart from this, its production is increasing rapidly in countries like spot and New Zealand.

4. Buffalo (भैंस)

Buffalo is the main source of milk in India. Apart from India, buffalo milk is found in many parts of the world, including Pakistan, Nepal, China, Egypt, and Nepal.

Buffalo milk is produced and consumed in moist tropical regions. Buffalo milk is used in drinking, curd, butter, ghee, cream, and many other products.

5. Camel (उंट)

Camel milk is also very beneficial for health, it is mainly consumed by people in desert areas.

Camel or dromedary is called the desert ship, which is useful for riding on the mainland i.e. desert places. It is an animal that gives quality milk even after taking a very little dose.

The camel lives its life even in very hot summer, there is a cub on the back of the camel, whenever the camel knows water, then that water is stored in it, this is the reason that the camel remains without drinking water for 5-7 days. Takes.

6. Reindeer (रेनडीर)

Reindeer’s milk is similar to cow’s milk but is mainly consumed in much larger quantities in extremely cold and northern Eurasian regions.

It contains calcium in abundance, which is good for the body. But sodium and potassium are less.

7. Yak (याक)

Yak’s milk is quite different from our cow’s and buffalo’s milk and the nutrients found in it are not found in many milk animals. It means to say that it is very virtuous.

Yak’s milk is pink in color and is also very thick compared to other animals. Its milk is mostly consumed in the areas of high hills.

Yak milk is very popular in countries like China and Mongolia. Along with drinking its milk, people make and consume butter, cheese, etc.

8. Ass (गधी)

Donkey milk is seen in many parts of the world. Actually, donkey’s milk is similar to mare’s milk and people who are allergic to animal proteins are advised to drink it.

But mostly only the survivors of Garhi drink its milk.

9. Dam Mare (घोड़ी)

Like other animals, mare’s milk is also beneficial for health. The people of Central Asia produce and consume mare’s milk.

Actually, cows and buffaloes are not available in these areas, so people take mare’s milk and consume it.

10. Mare ( मादा जेबरा )

Zebra is a type of African equine or horse family, known for its distinctive black and white striped coat. There are several different species of zebra, including the plains zebra, mountain zebra, and Grevy’s zebra. Zebras are known for their social nature and for their loud calls, which they use to communicate with each other. They are also very fast runners and capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour.

Zebra also gives milk but people use its milk less and repeat it less. Zebra has turned around to find his survivor. Finding a settled zebra is quite a postic.

So children, in this post of ours, know about 10 such animals which give us milk. You tell us by commenting whether you knew about the names of animals, from which angle animals give milk, and whose milk is useful for drinking.

Must do comments. You must also tell about whom you want the next post to be related to!

Thank you!

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