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Hello, students today here you can practice Indian Polity online with the help of a free mock test on sarkarijobale.com. This Indian Polity Mock Test contains 20 questions. There are 20000 Political Systems, Constitutions, Acts, Rules, Freedoms, Bureaucracies, Prime Ministers, Cabinets, Governors, and Presidents in this online General Knowledge Quiz on Politics. Students preparing for competitive examinations conducted by UPSC and other public service commissions for government jobs can use this Competition Based Politics GK Quiz in Hindi.

Through mock tests, students can gain a better understanding of the competitive exam pattern. For Hindi-speaking students, the Political online mock test in Hindi is helpful. We provide complete test series and solved model papers from previous years. Our website can be helpful to students preparing for teacher exams after BSTC and B.Ed. The Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs on Indian Polity are helpful for the RAS, IAS, Patwari, Teachers, and Police Constable exams. We provide free Indian Polity MCQs in Hindi on our website, which explains every aspect of this state’s people and region. Here we cover 100 percent of the syllabus of each subject-wise test.

Indian Politics Online MCQ Test Free – भारतीय राजनीति ऑनलाइन एमसीक्यू टेस्ट

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1. The constitutional position of the President of India is most closely similar to __:

A) British Monarch
B) US President
C) Russian President
D) British Prime Minister

Ans. A) British Monarch

2. The makers of the Constitution of India chose the scheme of the federation of India, as prevalent among the following countries?

A) United States
B) United Kingdom
C) Australia
D) Canada.

Ans. B) United Kingdom

3. Which part of the Indian constitution deals with Trade, Commerce, and Inter Course within the territories of India?

A) Part XII
B) Part XIII
C) Part XIV
D) Part XV

Ans. B) Part XIII

4. Directive Principles are just like a cheque on a bank payable at the convenience of the bank’. Who among the following said this?

A) Jawahar Lal Nehru
B) Bhim Rao Ambedkar
C) Mr. R. K. Sidhwa
D) Prof. K T Shah

Ans. D) Prof. K T Shah

5. Which among the following article throws all public places to all citizens?

A) Article 15 (2)
B) Article 16 (2)
C) Article 17
D) Article 18

Ans. A) Article 15

6. Which article of the Indian Constitution provides for the Vice-President of India?

Article 61
Article 62
Article 63
Article 65

Ans. Article 63

7. Which among the following articles defines the Money Bill?

Article 110
Article 111
Article 112
Article 113

Ans. Article 110

8. What is the maximum life of an ordinance promulgated by the President of India?

6 months
7.5 months
8 months
10 months

Ans. 7.5 months

9. The Supreme Court of India tenders legal advice to the president of India when___?

Cabinet recommends it
The Council of Ministers recommends it
President asks for it
Supreme Court wants to tender the advice

Ans. President asks for it

10. Which article of the Indian Constitution provides the right to constitutional remedies, that allow Indian citizens to stand up for their rights against anybody – even the government of India?

Article 31
Article 32
Article 33
Article 34

Ans. Article 32

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